We love our new home! It’s apparent to all our guests and visitors that our house was built by experienced builders with vision and expertise. LoParco Associates has a great reputation, and are well known throughout Greenwich (and, as we learned, Westchester County!). When LoParco Associates build a home, it is built as if they plan to live in the house. There is so much thought and care put into the design and build. Looking at the materials and fixtures, it is clear that quality and style weigh heavily on each decision. However, the most important feature to any family is comfort and safety, and we feel our family will be secure and comfortable in our home.

LoParco Associates are professionals, delivering with quality on time and with a personal touch. We cannot stress how well we have been treated from the time we wanted to view the home as prospective buyers with the builder, to the close and afterwards. LoParco Associates takes pride in their work, and are committed to their jobs. There is consistent follow-thru and rapid response time from all members of LoParco Associates, which, as a new home buyer, is just incredible. Big or small, everything is addressed and they get it all done with skill and care. Steve LoParco and his entire team truly do care if we are happy, and have gone well above and beyond on all matters addressed together.

Are you considering working with LoParco Associates? We suggest you trust your instincts; they really are both really good at what they do, and how they do it! LoParco Associates built our dream home, and we are grateful for all they have done.

Riverside, CT

The LoParco team worked within a tight time constraint to deliver superior and creative results, leaving our new home transformed. The team also sought to work within the stated budget and when increases were necessary, there was full transparency and clarity. Moreover, from crown moulding installation to electrical supervision and staining floors, the projects were varied in scope, but all supervised and performed at a high standard. The workers in our home were polite, efficient and highly skilled. In short, we greatly appreciated the work done by the LoParco team.

Will B, Homeowner
Brooklyn, NY

I have been meaning to write to you both to tell you how nice the job turned out at Waters. The quality of the painting and the cabinetry is top notch, and the speed at which you executed the work was amazing. I see a lot of subcontractor’s work every week, so I feel qualified to say that your work is outstanding! All of the subs were very pleasant to deal with, and John did a great job managing the project.

I hope to be able to work together again in the future.

Linda Shockley ASID, Designer
Greenwich, CT

LoParco Associates were great to work with. They completed a major renovation on one of our group homes for homeless boys on time and on budget. We walked through every step of this project together, and the house looks amazing. Our boys deserve to live in this beautiful home—thanks Steve!

Mike Duggan, Executive Director, Domus
Stamford, CT

We engaged LoParco Associates for a home renovation, converting the exterior of a classic New England colonial home to a shingle style structure. In addition to the exterior, the design also entailed expanding the home to include an addition with a three-car garage. The challenges during the project were myriad, including adhering to a strict budget, our family continuing to live in the home during construction, and lastly, a major regional power outage caused by a hurricane.

Through this entire journey, Steve and his team were consummate professionals, focusing on our needs, and helping us achieve our goals, on time and within our budget. LoParco Associates focused on the task at hand, and delivered. We are extremely pleased with the end product.

Jon Geanakos, Homeowner
New Canaan, CT

The purchase and renovation of our foundation’s home for boys was long and complicated. LoParco Associates was thorough, patient, and professional during a long proposal process. Selecting the right contractor was competitive and taken very seriously by our Board. During many weeks of review and repeat questions, they provided answers quickly and responsibly. They took the time to understand our goals and the project elements most important to us. At monthly Board Meetings, we heard glowing reports about progress at the house, the quality of work and the attention to detail from Mr. LoParco’s team.

The end result was a project that was on-time, on-budget and left us with a beautiful home for these deserving kids. They understood what we were trying to accomplish and worked on this home as if their own. In fact, upon completion, LoParco Associates presented us with a basketball hoop which they donated and installed as a gift to our boys. We will always be grateful for a job so beautifully done.

Domus, Trustee
Stamford, CT

We chose to work with LoParco Associates when we built our house on a challenging piece of property because your experience, professionalism and straightforward management of the budget were equal to the task. By showing us a number of homes you had built in this area, we were able to see the quality of workmanship in your products and learn how many different elements can be handled. We wanted to be closely involved throughout the design and building process and appreciated the willingness of your team to engage us in the process.

An excellent attitude of teamwork carried all of us through the entire project which was completed on time and within budget. We are absolutely delighted with the outcome, and are more than happy to recommend LoParco Associates to anyone looking to build or renovate with a company who can be relied upon for quality workmanship, guaranteed results and an ethical approach that best protects the interest of the homeowner.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team. We greatly appreciate the guidance and leadership you provided throughout our project.

Terri, Homeowner
Riverside, CT

LoParco built a custom home for me in 12 months! That is 12 months from the time we took out the first scoop of dirt for the basement to the time I slept in the home for the very first time. LoParco worked seamlessly with my architect, Granoff Architects, in Greenwich, CT. LoParco is also a master at maneuvering Town Hall for permits, CO’s, etc. The bills were clear and concise and each bill had all supplemental invoices attached for me to review. LoParco’s ability to value engineer areas of the home where I wanted to curtail costs was impressive. LoParco’s site manager for my project was meticulous. No stone was left unturned. No detail was forgotten. My punch list had 5 items on it – yes, only 5. If I had to do it again I would repeat my choice for a contractor.

Debra M, Homeowner
Greenwich, CT

Granoff Architects has successfully completed many projects with LoParco Associates. They have ranged from modest additions, to whole-house renovations, complicated site work jobs and large new homes. Steve and his team are always a pleasure to work with and the level of quality/detail is very high. The clients have always been happy with the value of the work. We look forward to many years of collaboration together.

Rich Granoff, Architect
Greenwich, CT

Thank you for a job well done! Julie and I realize that parts of our project were very complex and sincerely appreciate that you were able to successfully accomplish our project within budget and on time. Your foreman was excellent. His attention to detail and genuine interest in our project were evident throughout. Your entire staff was professional and courteous. Thanks again for a great job and best wishes in the future.

Julie and Dom, Homeowners
Darien, CT

I am a Realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty in Greenwich, CT., and have worked closely with Steve, and LoParco Associates, since 2005. His company has a strong reputation for building custom homes that endure, at any price point; Steve takes pride in making sure that each detail that contributes to the overall allure of the home is meticulously executed by his team.

Comfort, function, beauty, attention to detail, and quality are words that I associate with Steve’s work, and always look forward to showing my client’s one of LoParco Associate’s homes. A home is often my client’s largest investment. Steve ensures that the building, renovation or addition process is done thoughtfully, on-time, and with a minimum of stress. LoParco Associates will guide you with the design phase, through construction until completion and final landscape installation. Consulting with LoParco Associates often allows the buyer of a project that requires substantial work to have a high degree of confidence that their requirements will be met with high quality construction at a reasonable cost.

Patte Nusbaum, Realtor
Greenwich, CT

I appreciate having the opportunity to express my gratitude to Steve LoParco.

My firm, Charles Klein Design, has worked with Steve LoParco and his team on numerous projects over the past 18 years. A mutual respect and loyalty grew from working together.
First and foremost I am impressed by Steve’s integrity. He and his associates are honest and honorable people who work to the highest professional standards.

As in any service business we need to please our clients. LoParco is one of the best managed construction companies I have worked with. Their business is highly organized, the scheduling is clear and the billing is comprehensible and accurate. Steve and his staff are patient and know how to speak with clients on a regular basis. And because of LoParco’s attention to detail and bench made custom quality we avoided many of the problems associated with detailing the highest end projects, where every inch of a space is thought out and designed. Steve and his project managers were there brainstorming with us, solving problems as they arose and often anticipating them before they became real issues.

It’s always a pleasure for me to work with LoParco Associates, we know that our clients will be well taken care of, that our projects will run smoothly, completion will be timely and that the quality is unsurpassed.

Charles Klein, Designer
New York, NY

We started working with Steve LoParco over a year ago on a moderately sized renovation here in New Canaan. I was immediately taken with Steve’s intelligence, candor and demeanor with the client. His approach to the project was cost effective, without a loss in attention to detail; the project came in under budget and on time, which is a rarity today. We are looking forward to collaborating with Steve again.

James Schettino Architects
New Canaan, CT

We are so happy to say that we had a wonderful experience with Steve LoParco and LoParco Associates, Inc. Steve took over a renovation job from a previous builder that had gone awry. From the moment LoParco Associates was involved all fell into place and we were put at ease. Steve organized the job, put a superintendent in place and had honest, professional and talented contractors working on the job. Much attention was paid to all details whether it is fine carpentry or drainage issues. Steve had wonderful contractors who not only did a beautiful job but were also very pleasant to be around. Our final outcome was wonderful and we owe it all to Steve and his team!

Jodi and Mark, Homeowners
Harrison, NY