Green Building

LoParco Associates, a certified member of the NAHB National Green Building Program, is committed to the ideals and techniques of Sustainable Development. We help Clients fulfill their Green Building goals whether they are a renovation, addition, or new construction project.

In practice, the most widely implemented Green building strategies are associated with energy use and efficiency. Most notably, high-efficiency HVAC systems, including geo-thermal systems, are becoming common practice. In addition, the use of spray-foam insulation systems, in which houses become much more air-tight, is also becoming the new standard. The proper implementation of these systems and strategies is something that LoParco Associates is well versed. Deciding to build green should involve a thoughtful and candid cost-benefit analysis with a particular focus on payback periods; this will culminate in the best decisions made for each individual Client, project, and budget.

While Green Building technologies and practices continue to evolve, there are five major theoretical elements associated with Sustainable Development:

1. Sustainable Site Design:
Preserve key environmental assets through careful examination of each site. Engage in a design and construction process that minimizes site disturbance and which values, preserves and actually restores or regenerates valuable habitat, green space and associated eco-systems that are vital to sustaining life.

2. Water Conservation and Quality:
Preserve the existing natural water cycle and design site. Minimize the unnecessary and inefficient use of potable water on the site while maximizing the recycling and reuse of water, including harvested rainwater, storm water, and gray water.

3. Energy and Environment:
Minimize adverse impacts on the environment (air, water, land, natural resources) through optimized building siting, optimized building design, material selection, and aggressive use of energy conservation measures.

4. Indoor Environmental Quality:
Provide a building design, which affords the best possible conditions in terms of indoor air quality, ventilation, thermal comfort, access to natural ventilation, and effective control of the acoustical environment.

5. Conservation of Materials and Resources:
Minimize the use of non-renewable construction materials and other resources such as energy and water through efficient engineering, design, planning and construction and effective recycling of construction debris.

LoParco Associates’ focus and goal is to stay at the forefront of green building techniques and strategies. This allows our Clients to take a holistic “green” approach to their project: optimizing their health, comfort and safety, while minimizing the impact on the environment.